Gun Violence is a Health Issue

In the wake of the terrible massacre of 20 children and 6 adults in Newtown, Connecticut, it appears Congress will finally begin a debate on gun control and mental health. All who care about the health of our nation must engage in the debate.

Gun violence causes horrendous stress on our population. This stress, whether from losing a loved one or from fear for our safety contributes to disease and early death. Our bodies were not designed to handle chronic or long-term stress. Stress compromises our immune system and our ability to fend off diseases. The stress and violence from guns adds billions of unnecessary health care costs to federal and state budgets. As we have witnessed, having guns designed for war freely available in our communities has turned some of our communities into war zones. The carnage and loss of life has been horribly painful for all of us. We must legislate a rationale, effective response to this problem.

The Affordable Care Act calls for parity in the availability and delivery of mental health services. Many mental health care advocates are concerned that this promise will be eroded as the budget issues are addressed.

How can you engage? 

Call or write your state and federal elected officials and demand the following:

  1. Meaningful gun control legislation that will keep guns and magazines capable of dispensing large numbers of bullets;
  2. Full implementation of the mental health services approved in the Affordable Care Act.

We should also thank Governor Snyder for vetoing SB 59, which would have allowed concealed weapons in schools, hospitals, and campuses.

Now is the time for ACTION! Together we can create a safer, healthier America. Call or write today!

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