Informational Documents:

10 Things a Health Literate Organization Does
A handout with ten key considerations for any organization working to better serve patients with clear and understandable health information (PDF)

Comparisons between Healthy Michigan Plan and Health Insurance Marketplace (PDF)
A handout that demonstrates the differences between the two insurance programs

Health Care Reform: What’s in it for YOU?
Now distributed in both English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF) to community organizations, churches, unions, and legislators across the state. Your donations have helped us to print over 10,000 copies for people statewide.

Health Care Reform- Myths and Fact
by Michigan Consumers For Healthcare Advancement and MichUHCAN

White Papers:

Ensuring Essential Community Health Services
by MichUHCAN, M.O.S.E.S., and Gamaliel of Michigan

The Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association: Does it offer a way to achieve affordable health insurance coverage for all Michiganians?
by Gary A. Benjamin, Esq. – Health Policy Attorney – Michigan Legal Services