MICHUHCAN stands in support of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and works to educate the public about the benefits that it provides.


What is the Affordable Care Act (ACA)?

In March 2010, President Obama signed into law the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act. These reforms greatly strengthen consumer protections, provide new coverage options, and give people the tools they need to make educated decisions about their health care.

This law was designed to fix several problems with our health care system; especially the high numbers of uninsured people and the insurance company rules that have stood in the way of people accessing the care they need.

ACA booklet

To learn more about the Affordable Care Act, check out our booklet:
“Health Care reform: What’s in it for YOU?

MICHUHCAN is currently focused on both helping the public to better understand the Affordable Care Act and ensuring that it is properly implemented in Michigan through our advocacy work on health policy committees. 

1. Presentations: The Affordable Care Act is full of important benefits, but the details can be hard to understand. That’s why MICHUHCAN’s speakers present the act in clear and engaging ways to thousands of people each year! We are available to speak to groups of any size, helping them to understand these important new reforms and how they can support them. Want to schedule a presentation? Contact Executive Director Marjorie Mitchell at 248-880-2526 or Sign Up Online

2. Publishing: Our booklet, “Health Care reform: What’s in it for YOU? is now distributed in both English (PDF) and Spanish (PDF) to community organizations, churches, unions, and legislators across the state. Your donations have helped us to print over 10,000 copies for people statewide. We also strive to keep you updated on the very latest developments in Michigan health care through regular postings on this website and through our members email list.

3. Advocacy:  We are tracking issues of fraud and scams related to ACA implementation in Michigan. Additionally, MICHUHCAN’s team of experts in medicine, law, and health care protect the public by serving on a variety of health policy committees, advocating to make health care safe and accessible to all Michigan residents. We were recently instrumental in advocating for Medicaid Expansion to be included as a part of the ACA in Michigan.

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