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MichUHCAN 2022 membership drive is underway!!

Dear Healthcare Advocate

It’s that time again!! MichUHCAN is launching its 2022 Membership campaign.
Despite the constraints of dealing with the Covid 19 pandemic, MichUUHCAN had a very busy 2021, supporting Rep. Jayapals and Sen. Bernie Sanders bills to extend an expanded version of Medicare to all Americans. We also supported Michigan Rep. Rahbi’s single-payer bill. Though support for such legislation continues to gain support, we are not yet at the point that many elected representatives are comfortable voting positively.
A lot of energy was spent in 2021 working to defeat state-level efforts to privatize Michigan’s public mental/behavioral health system. The work will continue in 2022. A more positive effort last year was our work with USA Healthcare, a group working to find better ways to communicate about the need for a healthcare financing and delivery system that is Universal, Simple, and Affordable (USA). Two polls last fall testing the viability of such a values framework were quite encouraging – especially the last one with self-described Republicans. Respondents clearly agreed that our healthcare system needs to change (85%). They also said healthcare should be universal (70%), simple (95%), and affordable (99%). Less than 2% dislike subsidizing those they deem undeserving. MichUHCAN will be using this information in its education and advocacy efforts and sharing it with other interested organizations.
There is much left to do before healthcare justice is achieved. The outcomes of the fall elections are critical to our work. We urge you to get and stay involved in the election process, at all levels!

Make MichUHCAN stronger! Your membership directly supports our education and advocacy. Please, join us today.

Below is our 2022 membership form. Make MichUHCAN strong! Your membership directly supports our education and advocacy. Please, join us today.

  • Institutional Membership | $200 (or more)
  • Individual Membership | $50
  • Student or Elder Membership | $20

Please make checks or money orders payable to MichUHCAN, and mail to:


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Marjorie J. Mitchell, Executive Director

Please join today and keep MichUHCAN fighting for a healthcare system that meets of our needs.

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