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MichUHCAN 2021 membership drive is underway!!

Dear Healthcare Advocate

The MichUHCAN Membership Drive is a little behind schedule – not unlike many other things in all our lives. The need for healthcare advocates is, however,  stronger than ever!
The results of the November election have given us hope that we may actually see a national, single-payer healthcare system in America during our lifetimes – though we may have to go through some more incremental steps. Rest assured that MichUHCAN will not ever back away from our primary goal of a USA (Universal, Simple and Affordable) Healthcare system, as well as one of high quality, equitable, and accountable to the people. 
MichUHCAN continues to believe that education of the public and strong advocacy are critical to achieving our goals. An additional critical component is to assure that all our citizens are able to vote easily and that they exercise this privilege. Public opinion continues to trend toward a national healthcare system. As advocates, we CAN bring more to our side of the issue through education. Ken Georgetti, a Canadian labor leader once said: “Government is the tool we use to build the society we want”.  When we have enough voters understanding the need for universal health care and the role of government to achieve it, then USA Healthcare will become a reality!
Enclosed or attached is our 2021 membership form. Make MichUHCAN stronger! Your membership directly supports our education and advocacy. Please, join us today.

Below is our 2021 membership form. Make MichUHCAN strong! Your membership directly supports our education and advocacy. Please, join us today.

  • Institutional Membership | $200 (or more)
  • Individual Membership | $50
  • Student or Elder Membership | $20

Please make checks or money orders payable to MichUHCAN, and mail to:


35828 Smithfield Court

Farmington, MI 48335


Pay online here and email your membership form to

If have any questions, please reach out to Marjorie J. Mitchell at




Marjorie J. Mitchell, Executive Director

Please join today and keep MichUHCAN fighting for a healthcare system that meets of our needs.

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