Why Would Single Payer be Attractive to a Conservative?

Many people think a single payer health care system is a concept that comes straight from the most liberal thinkers, but in reality, it is comprised of conservative, Independent and liberal aspects.

The most basic component of single payer health care that attracts conservatives is the economic aspect of the plan. Single Payer is much more fiscally conservative than our current health care system.

It saves money. Every other advanced democracy covers virtually all of their citizens at a much lower rate than in the United States. We have one of the most inefficient health care systems that exist at twice the cost that leaves large numbers of Americans out entirely and many more Americans severely under insured.

It spreads the risk among the larges[t] pool possible, reducing the costs to the individual. Business people understand this and it makes sense.

It eliminates a tremendous amount of wasteful spending. Estimates show that almost 30% of our health care spending is wasteful.

It reduces the burden on business[es] and allows them to be competitive globally. Small business benefits by being able to attract the best employees who would otherwise look for the job that comes with benefits.

Source: Health Care for All Ohioans