Medicaid Matters for Michigan: Statement from Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network (MICHUHCAN)

Contact: Liz Lamoste

February 6, 2013

Cell: 248-420-0580


Statement from Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network (MICHUHCAN)- Medicaid Matters for Michigan

LANSING- Medicaid Matters for Michigan applauds Governor Snyder for announcing this afternoon that he will commit to Medicaid expansion in Michigan.

“We thank the Governor for his thoughtful analysis and pragmatic approach to decision making on this issue,” said Marjorie Mitchell, Executive Director of the Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network (MICHUHCAN).

The decision to expand Medicaid is indeed sensible. Expansion will provide thousands of Michigan families with access to health care, save the state up to one billion dollars over the next ten years, reduce insurance premiums for insured Michiganders, and reduce the burden of charity care on hospitals’ bottom lines.

While this announcement represents a huge step forward towards improving health and increasing productivity in Michigan, our work is not yet done. The Michigan Legislature has yet to appropriate money set to fund insurance exchanges despite the Governor’s support for state sponsored exchanges. And unless the Governor employs true leadership in seeking Republican cooperation, money set to fund Medicaid expansion will suffer the same fate: held hostage by partisan politics. Medicaid Matters for Michigan vows to continue to work with Michigan’s legislators to ensure that both insurance exchanges and Medicaid expansion are fully implemented in our great state.

Again, we reiterate our thanks to Governor Snyder and encourage him to continue to lead on this issue moving forward. We are encouraged that the Governor will act on his statements that health will be a core foundation for Michigan’s economic transformation in the years ahead.