Board of Directors supports Proposal 4

MICHUHCAN has joined AARP, the Michigan Disability Rights Coalition and many other senior and disability organization supporting Proposal 4.

The proposal will:

  • Establish a registry of home care workers who have had criminal background checks and training in the delivery of home care services to senior and disabled Medicaid recipients;
  • Establish a new Michigan Quality Care Council (recently defunded by the legislature) to oversee the registry and training;
  • Enable low wage workers who need jobs to be matched with senior and disabled Medicaid recipients who need help; and
  • Allow these home care workers to have collective bargaining rights through a union, which they could vote to decertify at any time.

Many home care workers are indigent and we believe they deserve the protections of collective bargaining.

Our primary reason for support, however, is that seniors and people with disabilities are healthier and happier when they can remain in their own homes with support. In addition, millions of public dollars are saved when these individuals do not have to enter a nursing home.

Please join MICHUHCAN in supporting our Medicaid seniors and persons with disabilities to more independent lives in our communities by supporting Proposal 4.