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MichUHCAN 2020 membership drive is underway!!

Dear Healthcare Advocate

It is again time for MichUHCAN membership renewal!

It is also the year we make critical decisions on who will represent us in local, state and federal government institutions. These election decisions will be critical for the universal healthcare movement. As we prepare to cast our votes next November in a presidential election and numerous state and local elections, it is time to pause and reflect on what kind of country we want. One proposed by our founding fathers that works for “liberty and justice for all” or one where we, the people, are at the mercy of those with money enough to affect policies and budget decisions for their personal benefit. It is no secret that health care in America has evolved into “big business” where bottom lines have taken precedence over accountability for the health of those using their services. Huge profits have made it possible for corporations to hire large numbers of lobbyists at federal and state levels to influence legislation and policy to positively benefit their businesses..

MichUHCAN has, since its inception, believed that the only way to combat money in politics is to educate the voter on issues and to have all citizens then exercise their duty to vote. Our positive experience with education on the ACA and Medicaid expansion reinforced this belief when they became the law.

Unfortunately, this progress toward universal healthcare has been under attack for the past three years and we are often on the defense, trying to protect our gains. There are signs, however, that education is working on the issue of universal, accessible, affordable and quality healthcare for all. Many candidates for office, at all levels, are publically supporting healthcare for all and there is legislation put forth both in Washington and Lansing that would enshrine this value in law.

Below is our 2020 membership form. Keep MichUHCAN strong! Your membership directly supports our education and advocacy. Please, join us today.

  • Institutional Membership | $200 (or more)
  • Individual Membership | $50
  • Student or Elder Membership | $20

Please make checks or money orders payable to MichUHCAN, and mail to:


35828 Smithfield Court

Farmington, MI 48335


Pay online here and email your membership form to

If have any questions, please reach out to Marjorie J. Mitchell at




Marjorie J. Mitchell, Executive Director

Please join today and keep MichUHCAN fighting for a healthcare system that meets of our needs.

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2020 MichUHCAN Membership Form