Budget Poem

In solidarity with Trump resisters nationwide, we’re sharing a lovely poem by longtime MichUHCAN supporter Paul Felton:

There is no need for me to fudge it

This is a plain immoral budget

With cuts that harm many folks’ health

While the most wealthy gain more wealth

The cruel decisions have been made

To kick people off Medicaid

And they devalue Meals on Wheels

They must not know how hunger feels

With this budget, it is no lie

A lot of Americans will die

They must think we’re a bunch of fools

Who don’t want to help our public schools

And by the way for what it’s worth

Trump threatens the future of Planet Earth

He doesn’t care about us at all

And he wants us to pay for his stupid wall

It’s not what he said on the campaign stump

We must resist Mr. Donald Trump

Thank you for fighting the good fight with creativity Paul!