From the Director’s Desk: Our Letter to Congressional Leadership on ACA’s Repeal

Congress has undertaken an enormous challenge in redesigning the Affordable Care Act. Whatever its objectives, we ask you, a member of Congress elected by Michiganders  whose life and well- being are at stake, “What kind of society do you want?”

Do you want a society of privilege in which health and human services are provided unequally? Or do you want a just society, in which access to health care is assured for all Americans?

Members of the Michigan Universal Health Care Access Network MichUHCAN) vision an American society that values all of its people and their diversity; one which is kind and supportive and protects its vulnerable citizens; one that assures equal protections under the law and provides opportunities for all to contribute according to their desires and abilities. Health is a critical requirement in this vision and universal access to affordable health care is critical.congressionalletteronaca-page-001 congressionalletteronaca-page-002 congressionalletteronaca-page-003