Michigan Health Insurance Mission Statements Text Analysis


Word clouds aren’t as often used thing these days, but I think it really helps to illustrate the difference between the officially stated “missions” of insurance companies versus the activities that they engage in, which could often times be defined as contradictory.
Few health insurance companies or plans in Michigan have specific mission statements, the majority have very broad missions. Based on the frequency of terms used across health insurance mission statements, more of these companies should be:

providing Michigan [residents] health care access.”

This simple concept of increasing access to health care has gained great prominence with the passage and acceptance of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). However, this composite mission statement is often placed secondary to the corporate and monetary interests of these insurance companies. The ACA has placed great emphasis on increasing access to health care while allowing the insurance companies to profit.

In the past, the insurance companies have elevated their business goals over their missions to “provide health care access” in order to profit off of denying care, denying pre-existing conditions, and charging women more for regular health care. All of these issues have been addressed by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Consumers can no longer be denied care for any reason, women are no longer charger a higher premium, and a list of preventative and essential benefits are required to be included in all health insurance plans.