Day of Action Medicaid Rally Agenda

There are a lot of great events happening and our various partners are making sure to let the Senate Republicans know that Illness doesn’t wait and the uninsured can’t wait any longer.


Here is the list of events:


9:00 am: Day of Action for Michigan’s Health 

Meet and Greet with the Senate Democrats
Light refreshments will be provided.
Leader Gretchen Whitmer’s office, S-105 Capitol Building

Michigan Senate Democrats

Join the Senate Democrats at the Capitol on July 3rd to send a message that it’s time for Republican Senators to take a vote, not a vacation!

The Michigan Senate is scheduled to be in session on Wednesday, July 3rd and Republicans would rather stay home on summer vacation than show up and do their jobs by voting on the critically important Medicaid expansion legislation.

Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan are also joining Senate Democrats to rally.

9:30 am: Senate Government Operations Committee Hearing on Medicaid Expansion
Share your story and urge the committee to send the bill to the floor today!
Location TBA. Volunteers will be available to help direct you that morning.

10:00 am: Senate Session
Let’s pack the room and show the Republicans we are ready for a vote!
Because the Capitol is currently under construction, the location for Senate Session is TBA. Volunteers will be available to help direct you that morning.
11:00 am: Illness Doesn’t Take A Vacation – Press Conference with the Michigan Nurses Association 
Show your support and help our allies raise awareness around this critical issue.
Capitol Steps

Michigan nurses know best how access to health care saves lives. We see every day how too many of our neighbors who can’t afford insurance suffer, ending up in emergency rooms, with serious illnesses or even dead.

Michigan senators can fix this problem right now for more than 400,000 working residents. All they have to do is accept a federally funded Medicaid expansion, already approved with bipartisan support in the House.

Instead, Republican Senate leaders refused to vote and took off for summer vacation.

Join Michigan nurses at the Capitol on July 3, when senators are supposed to be in session, to send them a message:

Illness doesn’t take a vacation, and neither should they until they’ve voted to expand health care for more than 400,000 Michigan residents!

11:30 am: Visits to Senate offices
Nothing is more powerful than hearing directly from your constituents. Stop by your Senator’s office to urge them to act quickly to support Medicaid Expansion.
Volunteers will be on the Capitol lawn to provide a short training and direct you to the offices.