Board of Directors

  • David Green D.O. | Chair, MICHUHCAN | Neurologist

David Green is a neurologist in private practice in Farmington Hills. He is the local chair of Democratic Socialists of America.

  • Gary Benjamin | Vice President, MICHUHCAN | Health Policy Attorney, Michigan Legal Services

Gary is an attorney licensed in Michigan who began health policy reform work in late 2002 working for Michigan Legal Services. He has also worked for the Universal Health Care Action Network of Ohio since 2006 as Advocacy Coordinator for NE Ohio. UHCAN Ohio and its partners in the Ohio Consumers for Health Coverage won several important changes to state law in the budget process of 2008 and worked hard to enact the Affordable Care Act.

  • J. David Ivers | Secretary, MICHUHCAN | Secretary/Treasurer, Metro Detroit AFL-CIO
  • Selma Goode | Treasurer, MICHUHCAN | Executive Director, Westside Mothers

Selma has been a community activist for many decades fighting for workers rights, interfaith dialogue, and access to health care.

  • Elizabeth Lamoste | J.D. Candidate, University of Michigan Law School

Elizabeth has been interested in health policy and health equity since her undergraduate years. She was a coordinator for Health Leads in New York City, an organization that helps to break the link between poverty and poor health by sending undergraduate students to serve as caseworkers in low-income urban health clinics. She worked for Senator Olympia Snow as a health policy fellow through the Barbara Jordan Health Policy Scholar with the Kaiser Family Foundation in 2010.

A long-time health care and hospital administrator in southeastern Michigan, Chris was selected as the first executive director of the Detroit Wayne County Health Authority in 2005. Chris is a fellow of the American College of Health Care Executives and has held offices on numerous local, regional, and national boards including the American Red Cross, Catholic Health Association, National Arthritis Foundation, and others. Mr. Allen resides in the city of Detroit.

  • Ponsella Hardaway | Executive Director, MOSES

A native Detroiter and a senior at Marygrove College, where she is working toward a degree in political science, Ponsella is currently the Executive Director of MOSES. Since 1996, Ponsella has been an organizer with MOSES. She is also a National Trainer with the Gamaliel Foundation.  She has trained congregation members in South Africa, Swaziland and in the United Kingdom. Ms. Hardaway has traveled to Brazil and Mali to study NGO’s work on political and social issues.

A longtime hospital administrator in Detroit, Smith had heard too may stories of people who couldn’t afford health care. So in 1999, Smith jumped at the chance to become Executive Director of the Voices of Detroit Initiative, a newly created organization charged with building collaborations among the region’s diverse public health care providers. Smith builds collaborations among diverse public health care providers, reducing costs for Detroit’s public health system and improving the care of the city’s uninsured.

  • Nick Benjamin | former national UHCAN Board of Directors
  • Patricia Cason | Nurse
  • Paul Christine | Pre-Medical & Public Health Student, University of Michigan